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1989 Gold Sovereigns
We have a small quantity of 1989 Proof Sovereigns and Four Coin Sets available. However, we do not expect this to last long so please order now if you are interested.

1989 Gold Sovereigns Were Different
As you can see from our photographs, 1989 sovereigns did not use the by now traditional St. George and Dragon reverse design. Instead to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first gold sovereign for Henry VII in 1489, the designs chosen for both sides of the 1989 gold coins reflected the designs originally used five centuries ago. Very few coins or currencies can boast such lengthy service.
The original sovereigns were intended to be used as a symbol of Britain's importance and wealth, to impress the rest of Europe.
Rather than us repeat its history, you can take a look at our First Gold Sovereign page.

The obverse, or head side, shows the Queen seated facing on a throne. The majestic appearance of this design, combined with the large size, weight and purity of the original sovereigns, is the reason the new gold coin came to be called a sovereign in the first place.

The reverse design also mirrors its 500 year old original counterpart, bearing the Royal Arms surmounted on a crowned double Tudor rose.

Both sides of the coin were designed by the sculptor Bernard Sindall.

Proof Only
The 1989 sovereign, as all dates of sovereign from 1983 to 1999 inclusive, was only available as a proof. There was no ordinary uncirculated version made.

Issue Limit and Mintage
There were 10,535 sovereigns issued in 1989. The issue limit was 12,500 pieces. This shows that the Royal Mint did not manage to sell as many as it had hoped to, and presumably forecast. The sales period for this coin would have been from about January 1989 to about mid 1990, although these dates, vary often from year to year. The end date possibly depends on whether the Mint decide to run another production batch. We should perhaps explain that as a factory, the Mint do not produce the entire issue limit in one production run, but make a large initial batch, followed by one or more smaller batches through the lifetime of the products marketing phase. Towards the end of a period, they may decide that there was not enough residual demand to make it worthwhile making and storing an economic batch quantity.

Extremely High Demand
It was only in about 2003 or 2004 that demand for the 1989 proof sovereigns started to really outstrip supply, until then we managed to maintain a selling price of about £150, rising to £195, until we were eventually forced to readjust our prices in line with the rest of the market. Overall, it's our guess that the increased demand is due to the growing number of collectors of gold sovereigns. Once you start trying to get one of each date, or just one of each type, the 1989 is needed to complete most collections.

Other 1989 Gold Coins
The three other British sovereign denominations, £5, £2 and half sovereign, were also issued in 1989, all with the same commemorative designs as the sovereign.
Gold Britannias were also issued in all four sizes. Please see our Tax Free Gold web site for more information about gold Britannias and other gold coins.

For prices and availability, please see our Elizabeth II For Sale page.

More Information & Description
It is probably worthwhile repeating here the wording from the certificate which accompanies the 1989 sovereigns:-

In 1989 the Royal Mint is issuing a maximum of 27,500 sovereigns for worldwide distribution. Of these coins, a number are being reserved for issue in three-coin and four-coin gold Proof Collections.
The 1989 gold Proof sovereign features a new obverse and reverse design to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first gold sovereign.
The pound coin was introduced in 1489 by special commission of Henry VII. Struck in gold and featuring a design of the King enthroned in majesty, the new coin was to be known as the sovereign.
The sovereign continued to be struck until shortly after the accession of James I in 1603, when it was replaced by other gold coins, and eventually in 1663 by the guinea.
When it was re-introduced in 1817 by George III, the sovereign was given a new reverse design by the Italian engraver , Benedetto Pistrucci. The design depicts the slaying of the dragon by St. George. This popular design has become intimately linked with the sovereign, and has in fact appeared on all gold sovereigns struck from 1887 until 1988.
The 1989 gold Proof sovereign features two new designs by Bernard Sindall, both of which are modern adaptations of the original sovereign design of 1489, The reverse is a Shield of the Royal Arms ensigned by an open Royal Crown, the whole superimposed upon a double rose and the circumscription
The obverse shows H.M. Queen Elizabeth II seated as at her coronation, within the circumscription
which may be translated as Elizabeth II - by the grace of God, Queen, defender of the faith.

1989 Proof Sovereigns - Total Issue Limits & Mintage Figures
1989 proof sovereigns were issued separately, in three coin proof sets, and in four coin proof sets. Our table shows a breakdown of the issued quantities.
ItemIssue LimitMintage
Individual Sovereign12,50010,535
Sovereigns in 3 Coin Sets10,0007,936
Sovereigns in 4 Coin Sets5,0005,000

Price & Availability
Unfortunately as demand has far outweighed supply over the past few years (please see the notes below) the price of these coins is now over 500% over the intrinsic gold content of a sovereign.

1989 Gold Proof Sovereign

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1 £1,250.00 Call to check availability
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1989 Gold Proof Sovereign - No box or Certificate

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1 £895.00 Call to check availability
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We make an active market in almost all world coins, including 1989 proof sovereigns. If you have any of these coins to sell, please contact us, or post them to us for appraisal and offer.

Obverse of 1989 Gold Sovereign
Obverse of 1989 Proof Sovereign

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Reverse of 1989 Gold Sovereign
Reverse of 1989 Proof Sovereign

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Front of 1989 Proof Sovereign Certificate
Front of 1989 Proof Sovereign Certificate

Inside of 1989 Proof Sovereign Certificate
Inside of 1989 Proof Sovereign Certificate

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