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Year 2001 Gold Sovereigns
We now have this year's gold sovereigns, 2001 in stock for immediate delivery.
As at January 6th, we have received our first delivery direct from the Royal Mint of this year's 2001 Uncirculated "Bullion" sovereigns.
Slight production delays at the Royal Mint means we received them on the 6th January instead of the 3rd.
In addition, the proof version has been produced in a very limited edition as it has every year since 1983.

Two Versions
The 2001 AD gold sovereigns are being produced in 2 different versions, Uncirculated and Proof

Uncirculated - In Stock Now

For 2000, the issue limit was only 250,000, the lowest bullion sovereign mintage for over 120 years. For 2001, the issue limit has been set even lower at a maximum of 100,000.
We are accepting orders for the Uncirculated version now for immediate delivery.

Highest Ever Sterling Gold Price
Writing this on January 17th 2008 gold has just reached its' highest ever gold price in Sterling. Obviously this affects the price of our gold products so we have had to increase our uncirculated sovereign prices accordingly. The prices shown below are semi-fixed but should gold fluctuate dramatically in either direction we may have to adjust the prices once again.

QuantityPrice £Price $Price €
20 (Sheet)£Ask$Ask€Ask

We also have leatherette cases available for the Uncirculated version, priced £2 each if ordered with coins.

Proof - Still Available
We have the proof version in stock now for immediate delivery, having received our first delivery in April.
The year 2000 proof version sold out less than two weeks after its public release!
We expect the year 2001 version to sell out quickly also, so if you are interested in the 2001 proof sovereign, it's advisable to order it without delay.
The Royal Mint has announced an increased issue limit for the proof sovereigns, from 10,000 to 12,500 individual coins:-
In 3 coin gold sets1,500
In 4 coin gold sets1,000

The official Royal Mint price for the proof sovereigns was £129.95, but they have sold out.
We will be happy to accept orders at :-

QuantityPrice £Price $Price 

We correctly predicted that the Royal Mint would sell out of the 2000 proof version before July. We were correct, as they sold out before the 6th of June, having only gone on sale in May!
The 1999 proof sovereigns sold out by about September. We have been offering to pay up to £175 for the 1999, as we have had a waiting list for them. We currently have a few in stock at £195 each, although we have heard of prices of up to £230 each.
This time next year we may be saying the same about the year 2001 issue!

Postage & Packing

Per Delivery - Any Quantity
At Buyer's Risk £3, or...
Fully Insured £9
Airmail to USA $10
Insured to USA $20

We despatch most of our orders within 24 hours, although we do reserve the right to clear cheques before despatch. If your order is urgent for a gift, please tell us on the order form and we will do our best to help.


The fine gold content of a sovereign is 0.2354 troy ounces.

Other 2001 World Gold Coins
2001 Alderney (sovereign sized) £25 Queen's 75th Birthday Gold Proof.
It has almost the same dimensions as a sovereign, but is very slightly heavier, so you get more gold for less money, and it has a lower mintage!

We have a large selection of other World Gold Coins on our Tax Free Gold website.

We can also offer year 2001 Australian Gold Nuggets for immediate delivery. Please see our other website:-

Obverse of 2001 Gold Sovereign
2001 Sovereign - Obverse

QEII Sovereigns

Reverse of 2001 Proof Sovereign
2001 Sovereign - Reverse

2001 Sovereign in Display Card
2001 Sovereign in Display Card

Reverse of 2001 Proof Sovereign
Reverse of 2001 Proof Sovereign

Obverse of 2001 Proof Sovereign
Obverse of 2001 Proof Sovereign

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Order Form - USA

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