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2002 Gold Sovereigns - In Stock Now
2002 sovereigns have a shield design to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee year. This is only the second time in over a century that a design other than the familiar St. George and Dragon reverse has been used on British gold sovereigns. The last occasion was in 1989 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the very first gold sovereign. These 1989 sovereigns were only issued as proofs, and are now difficult to obtain.

Sell-Out Correctly Predicted
2002 sees the celebration of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, fifty years of her reign. Although there will be a few who do not like the new design, preferring the usual St George & Dragon design, we believed that the demand for 2002 sovereigns would be more higher than normal, yet the Royal Mint's issue limits remain the same as for 2001. In 2000, we correctly predicted that the proofs would sell out quickly, they sold out within two weeks, exceeding even our expectations. This year we expected both the proofs and uncirculated versions to sell out. Because of this, it would be wise to order as early as possible. We predicted correctly because the Royal Mint have now sold out. We have therefore withdrawn our advance order prices, and expect prices to go to a premium very soon.

Proofs Now In Stock
For year 2002, the proofs were due issued in January instead of April. After a slight production delay, we now have them in stock for immediate delivery.
As mentioned above, they are now sold out at the Royal Mint, but we still have stock.

Uncirculated Version Now In Stock
The Uncirculated or bullion issue was re-scheduled from January to mid February. We have now received our first delivery on Tuesday 19th February. We have not yet revised our pre-release prices, don't miss them!

Proofs versus Uncirculated
If you are not sure of the difference, or which to buy, take a look at this page.

Shield Reverse
The shield reverse was last used for Queen Victoria from 1838 to 1887 inclusive. This was Victoria's golden jubilee year, and the design of the sovereigns was changed in that year. In fact for the date 1887, three different sovereign designs were issued. It is perhaps fitting, then, that the Royal Mint appear to have chosen not only to change the gold sovereign design for our own queen's golden jubilee, but also to revert back to the shield design.

The 2002 United Kingdom issue of Proof Sovereign marks the Queens Golden Jubilee with a change of design. The reverse design features the Shield design - the Royal Arms within a wreath of laurel - in a modern form drawn by Timothy Noad, a herald painter at the College of Arms.

Issue Limits
For 2002, the issue limit has been retained at a maximum of 100,000, only the same as for 2001, with the extra demand which we think will be created by the Golden Jubilee celebration, and the new design, we expect an early sell-out. The issue limit for the proofs has also been maintained at 12,500 individual coins, excluding those issued as part of the 3 and 4 coin gold proof sets. The proofs have already sold out at the Royal Mint.

Highest Ever Sterling Gold Price
Writing this on January 17th 2008 gold has just reached its' highest ever gold price in Sterling. Obviously this affects the price of our gold products so we have had to increase our uncirculated sovereign prices accordingly. The prices shown below are semi-fixed but should gold fluctuate dramatically in either direction we may have to adjust the prices once again.

2002 Sovereign Prices

Uncirculated Version
QuantityPrice £Price $Price €
20 (Sheet)£Ask$Ask€Ask

We also have leatherette cases available for the Uncirculated version, priced £2 each if ordered with coins.

The Royal Mint pricing for the 2002 proof sovereigns was £129.95, we have now stopped accepting orders at our discounted pre release prices, and they are now selling at premium prices.
We can currently supply at :-

QuantityPrice £Price $Price €

We correctly predicted that the Royal Mint would sell out of the 2000 proof version before July. We were correct, as they sold out before the 6th of June, having only gone on sale in May!
The 1999 proof sovereigns sold out by about September. We have been paying up to £200 for the 1999, as we have had a waiting list for them. We have heard of prices of up to £295 each.
We believe the 2002 issue will be extremely popular!

Postage & Packing

Per Delivery - Any Quantity
At Buyer's Risk £3, or...
Fully Insured £9
Airmail to USA $10
Insured to USA $20

We despatch most of our orders within 24 hours, although we do reserve the right to clear cheques before despatch. If your order is urgent for a gift, please tell us on the order form and we will do our best to help.


The fine gold content of a sovereign is 0.2354 troy ounces.

We will also be offering year 2002 Australian Gold Nuggets. Please see our other website:-

Shield Reverse on 2002 Golden Jubilee Sovereign
Shield Reverse on 2002 Golden Jubilee Sovereign

QEII Sovereigns

Obverse of 2002 Sovereign
Obverse of 2002 Sovereign

2002 Sovereign in Display Card
2002 Sovereign in Display Card

Reverse of 2002 Proof Sovereign
Reverse of 2002 Proof Sovereign

Obverse of 2002 Proof Sovereign
Obverse of 2002 Proof Sovereign

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