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1925 Gold Sovereigns
We keep 1925 sovereigns in stock for immediate delivery. We try to maintain a stock of all dates of gold sovereigns, because 1925 is one of the more interesting dates of George V, we make an extra effort to ensure that we have some in stock.

The Last Sovereigns
Not every date exists for gold sovereigns. The London mint virtually stopped producing sovereigns after 1916, except for 1925. From 1917, the branch mints continued to issue most of the sovereign production. In 1925 a total of five mints issued sovereigns, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and Pretoria mint South Africa.
We have notice an irregular edge on quite a number of the Sydney Mint sovereigns of 1925, and are not sure whether this was production related, due to rough handling, or just coincidence; this partly explains why we have listed them as having edge knocks, the irregularity seems to make the knocks more noticeable.
We have shown a partial image of the date and mintmark of all five mints. Please see our Mints and Mintmark page for more information.

Official Restrikes
One of the most unusual facts about 1925 sovereigns is that in 1949, 1950 and 1951, the Royal Mint produced sovereigns, but instead of preparing new dies with George VI's head, and with the correct date, they lazily re-issued George V sovereigns dated 1925. Prior to this, 1925 London Mint sovereigns were quite scarce, especially in mint condition, suddenly they were again available. We deplore this kind of laziness from the Royal Mint, which does nothing to inspire confidence among collectors and investors that it will not repeat the same behaviour again. We can clearly recall that in the 1960's, we would often receive large quantities of gold sovereigns, all dated 1925 and all from the London Mint. We sometimes had as many as 500 pieces!

However, we believe that the restrikes can be distinguished from the originals by the more pronounced rim around the edge of the coin. Despite the lower mintage figures for the restrikes, the high-rimmed restrikes are actually much more common than the low-rimmed originals, due the fact that the originals were melted down in huge quantities for bullion.
For those interested in the statistics, here is a breakdown of the restrike mintages.

1925 Restrikes

1925 Sovereigns Mintage
Excluding the restrike mintages shown above.
MMelbourne, Australia278,140
PPerth, Australia3,311,662
SSydney, Australia1,837,901
S.A.Pretoria, South Africa6,086,624

Prices & Availability

The following list of sovereigns is for coins in stock as at our last update of this page.
It is best to check prices and availability before ordering or give alternatives.
The US $ prices in the this table may be out of date due to currency fluctuations.

DateGradeStockPrice £Price $
1925 (low rim)LAbout UncYes£395$635
1925LAbout UncYes£375$600
1925MAlmost Unc, strong strikeYes£390$625
1925MAbout EF, weak strikeYes£365$585
1925Pabout Unc, weak strikeYes£380$610
1925P Wanted£$
1925SAlmost Unc, edge knocksYes £395 $585
1925SAUncYes £455 $675
1925SAAbout UncYes £415 $615
1925SAEFYes £395 $585

* = Our Choice of Mintmark

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Obverse of 1925 Gold Sovereign
Obverse of 1925 Gold Sovereign - High Rim

George V Sovereigns

Reverse of 1925 London Mint Sovereign
Reverse of 1925 London Mint Sovereign - High Rim

Obverse of 1925 Gold Sovereign
Obverse of 1925 Gold Sovereign - Low Rim

Reverse of 1925 Gold Sovereign
Reverse of 1925 Gold Sovereign - Low Rim

1925 L = London Sovereign
1925 L = London Sovereign

1925 M = Melbourne Sovereign
1925 M = Melbourne Sovereign

1925 M = Melbourne Sovereign
1925 M = Melbourne Sovereign

1925 P = Perth Sovereign
1925 P = Perth Sovereign

1925 SA = Pretoria Sovereign
1925 SA = Pretoria Sovereign

1925 S = Sydney Sovereign
1925 S = Sydney Sovereign

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