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1951 Gold Sovereigns Do Not Exist

Sorry to tell you this if that is what you were looking for, but at least now you can stop looking, and think about an alternative.

1951 Gold Sovereigns Were Not Issued
Neither were half sovereigns.

Not every date exists for gold sovereigns. In fact gold sovereigns were not issued for circulation after 1932, although the Royal Mint resumed production in 1957 partly to meet world demand for gold bullion coins.
The only dates minted during this period were 1937 which were only issued as part of a four coin set, and is quite expensive, and 1953 for Elizabeth II, and these were not issued even for collectors.
You might, then, think it strange that we should publish a page specifically about a non-existent coin, but there is good reason for this. Several times each week we receive telephone calls asking for...
...a 1951 sovereign. We explain that we cannot supply one because it does not exist, and the next question we usually get is "why not?" If we were to ask the Royal Mint, I doubt that we would get an answer, yet our customers always expect us to have the answers. That's why we have taken this unusual step of answering the question before it even gets asked. If you found this page because you were looking for a 1951 sovereign, then we have just given you the answer you need, even if it is not the answer you wanted to hear!

What's the Alternative?
If you are a gold sovereign collector, there is no alternative, however if like many of our customers you are looking for an unusual gift, we do have a few suggestions:-

We may be able to find an 1851 sovereign for you. It's quite an early Victorian, so we can't be sure of always having one in stock, but we can try.

We have 1951 coin sets in stock. Prices vary according to condition.

We could try to locate a different gold coin for you, but we tend not to keep them in stock. Krugerrands did not appear until 1967.

Made in 1949?
Strangely, some 1925 dated sovereigns were struck and issued by the Royal Mint in 1949, 1950 and 1951. Quite why they did not date them with the year of manufacture, we do not know, it may have been connected with the consents the Royal Mint need to get for new designs and coin issues. Only the London (Royal) Mint issued these 1925 dated sovereigns, not the branch mints.

Countries Issuing Alternative Gold Coins
Turkey -Monnaies-De-Luxe

Alternative World Gold Coins
Austria1 Ducat193.4909.9860.1106$225
Chile100 Pesos3220.3397.9000.5886$250
Czechoslovakia10 Dukaten4134.9000.98601.1064$2,500
Czechoslovakia5 Dukaten32.517.4500.98600.5532$1,200
Czechoslovakia2 Dukaten24.56.9800.98600.2212$650
Czechoslovakia1 Dukat203.4900.98600.1106$450
Peru100 Soles3646.8071.9001.3544$750
Peru50 Soles3023.4056.9000.6772$300
Peru20 Soles239.3614.9000.2709$125
Thailand1000 Baht28173.8790.9955.5620$5,000
Thailand100 Baht2417.3870.9950.5562$600
Thailand50 Baht208.6930.9950.2781$300
Tunisia100 Francs216.5500.90000.1895$600
Turkey500 Piastres4535.0800.91661.0344$550
Turkey250 Piastres4017.5400.91660.5172$400
Turkey100 Piastres307.0160.91660.2069$175
Turkey50 Piastres213.6083.91660.1064$150
Turkey25 Piastres181.7540.91660.0517$60
Vatican100 Lire205.1900.90000.1501$500

Denomination = Face Value
Diameter = Approximate Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in grams.
Alloy = Fineness of gold.
AGW = Actual fine gold weight in troy ounces.
Cat = Catalogue Value in US Dollars.

We are sorry if we were not able to help you, but at least you are no longer searching for a non-existent date.

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Obverse of 1925 Sovereign
Obverse of 1925 Sovereign

Reverse of 1925 London Mint Sovereign Struck 1949 to 1951
1925 London Mint Sovereign
Struck 1949 to 1951

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