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1970 Gold Sovereigns Do Not Exist

Sorry to tell you this if that is what you were looking for, but at least now you can stop looking, and think about an alternative.

1970 Gold Sovereigns Were Not Issued
Neither were half sovereigns.

Not every date exists for gold sovereigns. In fact gold sovereigns were not issued for circulation after 1932, although the Royal Mint resumed production in 1957 partly to meet world demand for gold bullion coins.
The only dates minted during this period were 1957 to 1959, 1962 to 1968, then 1974, 1976, and 1978 to date, although some of these are available as proofs only.
A very few were produced 1953 for Elizabeth II, and these were not issued even for collectors.
You might, then, think it strange that we should publish a page specifically about a non-existent coin, but there is good reason for this. Every few weeks we receive telephone calls asking for...
...a 1970 sovereign. We explain that we cannot supply one because it does not exist, and the next question we usually get is "why not?" If we were to ask the Royal Mint, I doubt that we would get an answer, yet our customers always expect us to have the answers. That's why we have taken this unusual step of answering the question before it even gets asked. If you found this page because you were looking for a 1970 sovereign, then we have just given you the answer you need, even if it is not the answer you wanted to hear!

What's the Alternative?
If you are a gold sovereign collector, there is no alternative, however if like many of our customers you are looking for an unusual gift, we do have a few suggestions:-

We may be able to find an 1870 sovereign for you. It's a young head Victorian, and is available with St. George and Dragon, or Shield reverse. We usually have one or both in stock.

We have 1970 coin sets in stock. Prices vary according to condition.

We could try to locate a different gold coin for you, but we tend not to keep them in stock. Krugerrands were produced in 1970, quite a quantity at 544,000, but this is a date which doesn't turn up frequently. The mintage of 1974 krugers, for example was 3,200,000. Only the one ounce version was made, fractional sizes did not start until 1980.

Countries Issuing Alternative Gold Coins
South Africa

Alternative World Gold Coins
Albania500 Leke5798.7400.90002.8574$1700
Albania200 Leke4539.4900.90001.1427$575
Albania100 Leke3119.7500.90000.5715$300
Albania50 Leke259.8700.90000.2856$175
Albania20 Leke213.9500.90000.1143$100
Bhutan2 Sertums227.9800.91660.2352$125
Burma*4 Mu288.0000.99990.2572$750
Burma*2 Mu214.0000.99990.1286$400
Burma*1 Mu14.52.0000.99990.0643$75
Cameroon20,000 Francs3970.0000.90002.0257$850
Cameroon10,000 Francs3135.0000.90001.0128$425
Cameroon5,000 Francs22.517.5000.90000.5064$220
Cameroon3,000 Francs2910.5000.90000.3038$125
Cameroon1,000 Francs183.5000.90000.1012$45
Central African Republic20,000 Francs3970.0000.90002.0257$950
Central African Republic10,000 Francs3135.0000.90001.0128$450
Central African Republic5,000 Francs22.517.5000.90000.5064$250
Central African Republic3,000 Francs2910.5000.90000.3038$150
Central African Republic1,000 Francs183.5000.90000.1012$55
Chad20,000 Francs3970.0000.90002.0257$1,250
Chad10,000 Francs3135.0000.90001.0128$650
Chad5,000 Francs22.517.5000.90000.5064$325
Chad3,000 Francs2910.5000.90000.3038$200
Chad1,000 Francs183.5000.90000.1012$60
Chile100 Pesos3220.3397.9000.5886$250
Congo50 Makutas  .9000 $300
Congo25 Makutas  .9000 $150
Congo10 Sengi  .9000 $75
Costa Rica1000 Colones59194.0400.90005.6153$2,750
Costa Rica500 Colones5374.5200.90002.1565$1,150
Costa Rica200 Colones4029.8000.90000.8623$450
Costa Rica100 Colones2919.9000.90000.4311$260
Costa Rica50 Colones237.4500.90000.2155$140
Egypt5 Pounds3642.5000.87501.1957$375
Egypt1 Pound238.5000.87500.2391$150
Equatorial Guinea5000 Pesetas 70.5200.90002.0407$1,150
Equatorial Guinea1000 Pesetas 14.1000.90000.4080$250
Equatorial Guinea750 Pesetas 10.5700.90000.3058$185
Equatorial Guinea500 Pesetas237.0500.90000.2040$125
Equatorial Guinea250 Pesetas 3.5200.90000.1018$70
Guinea5,000 Francs3220.0000.90000.5787$300
Guinea2,000 Francs238.0000.90000.2315$125
Haiti1,000 Gourdes55197.4800.90005.7148$2,750
Haiti200 Gourdes39.539.4900.90001.1427$550
Haiti100 Gourdes2919.7500.90000.5715$325
Haiti60 Gourdes3318.2200.58500.3427$300
Haiti50 Gourdes229.8700.90000.2856$175
Haiti40 Gourdes2712.1500.58500.2285$175
Haiti30 Gourdes219.1100.58500.1713$125
Haiti20 Gourdes17.53.9500.58500.1143$75
Indonesia25,000 Rupiah5461.7100.90001.7858$1,100
Indonesia10,000 Rupiah3824.6800.90000.7142$450
Indonesia5,000 Rupiah2912.3400.90000.3571$225
Indonesia2,000 Rupiah174.9300.90000.1426$100
Indonesia25 Rupiah27 .9000 $250
Peru100 Soles3646.8071.9001.3544$1000
Philippines5,000 Pisos5168.7400.9001.9893$1000
Somalia500 Shillings4970.0000.90002.0257$1,000
Somalia200 Shillings37.528.0000.90000.8102$400
Somalia200 Shillings2714.0000.90000.4051$200
Somalia50 Shillings247.0000.90000.2025$100
Somalia20 Shillings172.8000.90000.0810$50
South AfricaOne Ounce Kruger-rand32.733.93.91661.00Bullion
South Africa2 Rand22.057.9881.91660.235495
South Africa1 Rand19.303.9940.91660.117750
South Korea25,000 Won5996.8000.90002.8012$10,000
South Korea20,000 Won5477.4000.90002.2398$5,500
South Korea10,000 Won3938.7200.90001.1205$4,500
South Korea5,000 Won3219.3600.90000.5602$1,400
South Korea2,500 Won269.6800.90000.2801$1,200
South Korea1,000 Won183.8700.90000.1119$400
Swaziland100 Emalangeni23.58.6400.90000.2500$150
Swaziland50 Emalangeni194.3100.90000.1247$75
Uganda1,000 Shillings56138.2400.90004.0005$1,800
Uganda500 Shillings 69.1200.90002.0002$925
Uganda100 Shillings3013.8240.90000.3999$225
Uganda50 Shillings204.3900.90000.1999$100
Zaire1 Zaire35 .9000 $600

Denomination = Face Value
Diameter = Approximate Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in grams.
Alloy = Fineness of gold.
AGW = Actual fine gold weight in troy ounces.
Cat = Catalogue Value in US Dollars.
Bullion = Bullion Value plus a small percentage premium.
Burma* = Dated 1970 - 1971

We are sorry if we were not able to help you, but at least you are no longer searching for a non-existent date.

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Obverse of 1970 South African Krugerrand
Obverse of 1970 South African Krugerrand

QEII Sovereigns

Reverse of 1970 South African Krugerrand
Reverse of 1970 South African Krugerrand

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