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The Gold Sovereign
Golden Jubilee Edition

2017 The Gold Sovereign Book - New Edition

In 2017, Token Publishing republished The Gold Sovereign and The Gold Half Sovereign as one book. This book is up-to-date and features a pull-out price guide. If you would like to find out more about the book, or purchase a copy, please click here.

Author: Michael A. Marsh
Publisher: Cambridge (Publications)

Since the appearance of its First Edition in 1980, this book has been an important resource for collectors and dealers interested in British gold sovereigns. After a brief chapter about the first sovereign, that of Henry VII in 1489, it catalogues every type, date, variety and mintmark of modern sovereign, from 1817 to date. Every coin is given a catalogue reference number (M.A.M. xxx), although many dealers abbereviate this to "MM" numbers. There is also a rarity scale in line with existing practice from C (Common) to R7 (Highest Rarity Possible).
This book is an excellent definitive work on the gold sovereign, and should be regarded as an informative reference work. It is not intended to be a current price guide. This is perfectly sensible and understandable, in most specialist subjects there are books which are considered a classic reference guide long after their publication, whereas annual price guide catalogues become less valuable as they age.
A number of the illustrations are now in colour.

The book is organised firstly by reign, then by major design type, followed by mints, dates, and varieties.
The chapter headings give a clear guide as to the contents:

  • Preface
  • List of Illustrations
  • The Original Sovereign
    Mentions the first gold sovereign issued by Henry VII in 1489
  • George III
    1760 - 1820
  • George IV
    1820 - 1830
  • William IV
    1830 - 1937
  • Victoria
    1837 - 1901
  • Edward VII
    1901 - 1910
  • George V
    1910 - 1936
  • George VI
    1936 - 1952
  • Elizabeth VII
    Acceded 1952
  • New Century
  • Golden Jubilee
  • Finally
  • Bibliography

136 Pages.
Well illustrated.

The book is now out of print.

Please note the books we have in stock show some signs of wear.

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Front Cover of 'The Sovereign'
Front Cover of 'The Gold Sovereign'

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