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The Sovereign
The World's Most Famous Coin
A History and Price Guide.

Authors: James Mackay, Daniel Fearon and Brian Reeds
Publisher: Hilden Publications

An excellent book, and one which all collectors of gold sovereigns will wish to own.
There is an existing book about the gold sovereign, which is in its second edition, and which has been a valuable resource for collectors and dealers. This new book is the most complete work about sovereigns we have seen. It combines an interesting history of gold sovereigns starting even before the very first sovereigns of Henry VII, through to the present day, with a comprehensive price guide to modern sovereigns from 1817 to date.

The chapter headings give a clear guide as to the contents:

  • Introduction
  • The First Sovereigns
    Mentions the first coins of King Croesus, and explains the history of English coinage leading to the development of the gold sovereign by Henry VII.
  • The Sovereign Since 1817
    Illustrates and describes the design and production of sovereign during their golden age. All aspects appear to be covered including notes on the designs, engravers, dies, forgeries, sovereign balances (weighing scales), coining presses and more.
  • The Branch Mints
    Tells the story of the branch mints in Sydney Melbourne and Perth, Australia; Ottawa in Canada; Bombay in India and Pretoria in South Africa, with contemporary photographs.
  • The Role of the Sovereign
    Discusses the primary purpose of the sovereign and explains the "Gold Standard", mentions sunken treasure, an interesting case of "legal" counterfeiting, the modern gold market, the revival of gold coinage, the Exchange Control Act and the Exchange Control Order.
  • The Sovereign Price Guide
    Contains advice for collectors, a grading guide, and a very comprehensive price guide giving prices in up to ten different grades for all sovereign from 1817 to date.
  • Further Reading

80 Pages.
Well illustrated.

Unfortunately this book is completely out stock. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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Front Cover of 'The Sovereign'
Front Cover of 'The Sovereign'

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