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Year 2000 Gold Sovereigns Still Available - No VAT!
In stock now for immediate delivery! We can supply from stock the new third millennium gold sovereigns.
VAT was abolished on investment gold coins from January 1st 2000. All gold sovereigns are now exempt from VAT

Two Versions
The 2000 AD gold sovereigns are available in 2 different versions, Uncirculated and Proof

Uncirculated - In Stock Now
The Royal Mint has issue limit for the Uncirculated version was 250,000. This may sound quite a high figure, but in fact makes it one of the lowest mintage figures, apart from proof versions, for over 100 years. We are still waiting to hear the final mintage figure which we believe will be in the region of 160,000.
We are accepting orders for the Uncirculated version now for immediate delivery:-
QuantityPrice £Price $Price €
20 (Sheet)£84$146€1124

We also have leatherette cases available for the Uncirculated version, priced £2 each if ordered with coins.

Proof - Available Now
The proof version has already sold out at the Royal Mint!
The issue limits for the proof sovereigns were:-
In 3 coin gold sets1,250
In 4 coin gold sets1,000

We have managed to obtain a small stock at:-

QuantityPrice £Price $

* = Without box or certificate.

We correctly predicted that the Royal Mint would sell out of the proof version before July. We were correct, as they sold out before the 6th of June, having only gone on sale in May!
The 1999 proof sovereigns sold out in about September last year. Currently we would be delighted to pay £175 for the 1999, as we have a small, but growing waiting list for them.
This time next year we may be saying the same about the year 2000 issue!

Postage & Packing

Starting From...

UK Fully Insured £9, plus £1 per £1,000. (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
Airmail to USA $10
Insured to USA $20

See our Postage & Packing Information Page for more details.
All Advance Orders were shipped within 24 hours of receiving our delivery on January 11th 2000.
We still have stocks for immediate delivery on most small and medium sized orders, larger orders (500+ coins) are usually ready for shipping by the time funds have cleared.

Proof Version - All Advance Orders Now Delivered
We are pleased to announce that all advance orders we received for the proof version were despatched in May 2000. Delivery was originally pencilled in as April, and we were holding one during March during a visit to the Royal Mint. The delays were for several reasons, after the coins were struck and packaged, The Mint discovered it had not yet finished printing the certificates! Then they had some kind of computer problem.
We strongly believed that the proofs would sell out everywhere very quickly and guessed correctly.
We were still accepting orders at £125 until early June, we believe our current price of £165 to be very reasonable, especially when compared with the 1999 proof sovereigns, we have heard of these changing hands at up to £230 each.

The fine gold content of a sovereign is 0.2354 troy ounces.
100 sovereigns therefore contain 23.54 troy ounces
With London Gold Fix at £200 per ounce:-
The intrinsic gold content of a sovereign would be £47.08
500 sovereigns at 12% premium would cost £26,365
1000 sovereigns at 11% premium would cost £52,259

With London Gold Fix at £180 per ounce:-
The intrinsic gold content of a sovereign would be £42.37
500 sovereigns at 12% premium would cost £23,727
1000 sovereigns at 11% premium would cost £47,033

2000 £5 Bullion Coin Now Available
Click here to go to out other web site for full details.

Obverse of 2000 Proof Sovereign
2000 Sovereign - Obverse

First Picture of Year 2000 Sovereign
2000 Sovereign - Reverse

Order Form

Order Form - USA

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Bigger Pictures 1280 x 1280
These are two large files! You will need a big monitor.

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