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Gold Sovereign Rings
It is traditional in many countries to wear gold coin jewellery.
Fashions change, and the style of the mounts change to follow fashion.
We offer two of the most popular styles of 9 carat sovereign ring mount, at exceptional prices.
Many of the sovereign ring mounts sold in the High Street are very lightweight at about 4 or 5 grams, the rings we sell are always slightly heavier.

Gold Sovereign Rings
Please contact us prior to ordering for current prices and availability.
MonarchTypePrice £Price $
Elizabeth IISecond Head £560 $880
Elizabeth IIFirst Head £560 $880
Elizabeth IIFourth Head £560 $880
Elizabeth II2000 onwards £580 $910
George VFirst Head £575 $900
George VSmall Head £575 $900
Edward VII  £575 $900
VictoriaOld Head £580 $910
VictoriaJubilee Head £595 $930
VictoriaYoung Head Saint George £600 $940
VictoriaYoung Head Shield Reverse £615 $960
Any AboveYour Choice Of Date *£10 Extra$16 Extra
Our ChoiceSpecial Offer £570 $890
BoxWhite Leatherette£2$3
Fitting CoinFree with Complete Rings*£0$0

* Some rare dates and any proofs will be more expensive. See our list of dates which exist.
* Fitting Coins - We make a £5 charge for fitting coins into mounts, but this is included free with complete rings.

History & Prices
Although we are primarily a coin dealer, in 1971 we started to offer a select range of sovereign jewellery mounts.
We have found that the plain styles featured have always remained our most popular ring mounts.
It is easy to see why.
Way back in 1971 our price complete with coin was just £12.50 for the Elizabeth II, and £13.50 for older monarchs. Unfortunately we have had to increase our prices slightly since then, and before you ask, no, we don't have any old stock left!
We will be happy to quote prices for export orders worldwide by airmail.

All our coins are guaranteed genuine.
Our 9 carat gold mounts are fully hallmarked.
For customers ordering by post, we want you to be delighted when you receive your coin.
We thrive on repeat business and recommendation.

Technical Specifications
SovereignDiameter22.05 mm.
SovereignWeight7.98 grams
SovereignAlloy22 carat
SovereignFine Gold Content7.315 grams / 0.2354 troy ounces
MountsAlloy9 carat
Plain Polished MountWeightAbout 10 grams

All weights approximate.

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Sovereign Pendants

We Buy Gold Sovereigns

Sovereign Ring - Front View

Sovereign Ring - Front View

Sovereign Pendants

Sovereign Ring - Side View

Sovereign Ring - Side View

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