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British Gold Sovereigns For Sale - Victoria Young Head Saint George Reverse
Victorian young head Saint George & dragon reverse sovereigns were issued from 1871 to 1887 inclusive. We buy & sell gold sovereigns, in addition to almost all coins, British or world, in gold or any other metal, but British gold sovereigns are one of our major specialities.

Gold Sovereigns - Victoria Young Head St. George Reverse
This used to be our stock and prices page, but we have now expanded it so that each date of Young Head St. George sovereign now has its own page, simply click the links below for the date you want for information, price and availability.
1871ExistsNone Exists11,581,250*
1872Exists ExistsExists16,049,888*
1880/70ExistsExistsExistsSee 1880

Notes & Key To Mintmarks
L = London, no mintmark.
M = Melbourne, Australia
S = Sydney, Australia
1871*, 1872*, 1873*, 19874* = Mintage figure includes London Mint shield reverse sovereigns of same date.

Gold Sovereigns - Victoria Young Head Shield Reverse
All the above dates, and most others back to 1838, also exist in the "shield back" reverse design.

Type Coins
If you are not looking for a particular date, but want a nice example of this type of sovereign, you can order a "type coin". Just look at our list of dates, grades and prices. Select the price you wish to pay, and we will send you the best grade coin we have available for that price, with our choice of date.

Complete Young Head St. George Date Collection
We can now offer you the complete Victoria Young head St. George date collection from 1871 to 1887 inclusive.

Coin & Medal Alignment on Gold Sovereigns
Heads or Tails Upside Down

All our coins are guaranteed genuine, and we try to grade reasonably conservatively. For customers ordering by post, we want you to be delighted when you receive your coin. We thrive on repeat business and recommendation.

We Buy Gold Sovereigns

George III Victoria Shield Victoria Jubilee Click to go to our Victoria Old Head Sovereigns For Sale page Edward VII George V Elizabeth II

Victoria Young Head St. George Reverse Sovereigns are Struck in Coin Alignment
Victoria Young Head St. George Reverse Sovereigns are Struck in Coin Alignment

Obverse of Victoria Young Head Sovereign

Obverse of Victoria Young Head Sovereign

1879 Victoria Young Head Sovereign Saint George Reverse

1879 Victoria Young Head Sovereign Saint George Reverse

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Victoria Type Collection

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