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Full Sovereign - Full Sovereigns
This is about the only page on our "Gold Sovereigns" website where you will find us referring to a full sovereign or full sovereigns, as opposed to simply saying sovereign or sovereigns.

Tautology means saying the same thing twice. A gold sovereign is a British coin weighing approximately eight grams, and with a face, or legal tender value of one pound sterling, and a diameter just over 22 millimetres. A half sovereign is a smaller British coin weighing about four grams, with a diameter of 19.30 millimetres, and a face value of ten shillings. Many people appear to think it is necessary to say "full sovereign" to distinguish it from a half sovereign. This should not be necessary.
As our entire site is about gold sovereigns, whenever we say "sovereign" we mean what we say i.e. a "full sovereign" and not a half sovereign. If we wish to refer to a half sovereign, we will say so.

Royal Mint Should Know Better!
A few years back, we noticed the British Royal Mint running adverts which we believe were misleading. Although they disagreed, they have now changed the wording of their adverts. You might wish to judge for yourself on our misleading advertising from a surprising source page. Not that they used the term full sovereign, just that they said sovereign when they meant half sovereign, thereby opening the door to confusion, and in our opinion deliberately misleading potential customers.

Full or Empty?
If so many people think it necessary to add the word full to their description of a sovereign, what we would love to see is an empty sovereign, surely it's the opposite of a full one?

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A Well Fed Sovereign
A Well Fed Sovereign

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