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Gold Portrait Collection of 3 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Sovereigns by The Royal Mint
Although we make up our our superior quality British gold sovereign sets, we also buy and sell various 'collections' marketed originally by the Royal Mint, including 'The Portrait Collection'


  • First Portrait, Young Head, 1957 to 1968, by Mary Gillick.
  • Second (Decimal) Portrait, 1979 to 1984, by Arnold Machin.
  • Third Portrait, 1985 to 1997, by Raphael Maklouf

Price & Availability
All prices subject to fluctuation.
DescriptionQtyGradeAvailabilityOur Price £Price $Price €
Complete 3 Coin Elizabeth II Sovereign Portrait Collection, in Royal Mint Box & Certificate3Uncirculated / Proof FDCYes £715 $Ask €Ask

Save £££s
The Royal Mint, not content with its monopoly in producing new sovereigns, has for some years now been buying sets of sovereigns from the numismatic trade, and marketing them to its "Coin Club" members (customers) at poor value prices. Sadly because most of its customers are not coin collectors, but ordinary members of the public who, for some reason, appear to trust the Royal Mint.
We have the advantage of having seen a number of the Royal Mint's sets, so we know their typical grades. Some of their coins would not even make it into our lowest grade / price. Otherwise their sets are closest to our lowest graded set.
Gold prices have changed since the Royal Mint originally marketed these sets, so we cannot give exact comparison prices, but you will typically save between £50 to £100 per coin buying from us.

Government Wealth Warning
We wonder if some of the Royal Mint's offerings should come with a "Government Wealth Warning".

*Relevant Dates & Other Information
This page was first created in or around 2007. As it is no longer a simple matter for us to determine our original publication date of text on this page, in order to ensure our comments are considered in their historical context, we note the following, and will add any more data as it becomes available:

  • All price comparisons were correct at the time of writing. For this set they were extrapolated from other price data as stated.
  • The Royal Mint may not be offering any similar sovereigns or sets currently.
  • We have a copy of our photograph dated 5th June 2007.

Gold Portrait Collection of Queen Elizabeth II Gold Sovereigns by The Royal Mint
Gold Portrait Collection of Queen Elizabeth II Gold Sovereigns by The Royal Mint

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