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Sovereign Information
Ancient History - The First Gold Coins
Gold Pennies Florins Leopards Nobles Ryals & Angels

The History of the Gold Sovereign
The First Sovereign - 1489
Unites and Guineas 1604 to 1662
The Modern Sovereign - From 1817
Gold Gives Way to Paper - Circa 1914
Production Restarted - 1957
Heads - Portraits on the Obverse
Tails - Reverse Designs
Old Sovereigns
New Sovereigns

Date Exists?
Technical Specifications
Alloy Analysis of Gold Sovereigns
Fakes & Forgeries - Could You Spot A Forgery?
An Interesting Mis-strike
Die Numbers
Proof v. Uncirculated - The Difference
Sovereign, Definition of
Hype & Misinformation
Gold Sovereigns from £35 Each - More Misinformation - From a Surprising Source!
Bullion Sovereigns
B.P. Initials on Sovereigns
2007 Recut Reverse Dies
Royal Mint's Prices - Should They Carry a Government Wealth Warning!
Other Info - Answered on our Questions Page
Selling Gold Coins on Ebay
Coin & Medal Alignment on Gold Sovereigns
Heads or Tails Upside Down

Die Cracks

The Sovereign
The Gold Sovereign - by Michael A. Marsh

Mints & Mintmarks
Bombay 1918
Canada 1908 to 1919
Perth 1899 to 1931

Information by Reign
WW Raised & Incuse on Victoria Shield Sovereigns
In particular 1853 to 1855, where both types exist, and Marsh almost ignores.
Victoria Jubilee Head - First and Second Type Reverse Comparisons
Short and long tail reverses compared.
George V - Table of Date & Mintmark Combinations
George V Obverse Types
George V Reverse Types

Other Coins
For sovereigns in bulk, half sovereigns, gold sets, krugerrands, gold bullion coins, and world gold coins, please visit our Tax Free Gold website.
For guineas, and most other coins, visit our original web site Chard - 24 Carat.

Other Stuff
Spellings or rather Mis-spellings
Misleading Offers & Adverts for Sovereigns
Beware Fakes on eBay
One Billion Dollar Scam
Postage & Packing
Full Sovereigns - Tautology?
Shield Back Sovereigns
More Tautology - We have never seen a shield on the front!
Sovereigns of the RMS Douro
London Mint Office
The Westminster Collection 'Easy Pay' System
Unsolicited Goods
eBay Copyright Thieves & Crooks Named and Shamed
It's dishonest to copy photographs, and misleading to buyers.
News & Press Comments About Gold Sovereigns
Including Why You Should Buy British Gold Sovereigns by Mark O'Byrne, Executive Director of Gold and Silver Investments Limited.
Social Media Pages

Too Many eBay Image Cheats
Because of the significant number of eBay vendors stealing our photographs, we have decided to split this page into year sections:

eBay Advertisers Using Stolen Copyright Photographs
It's not only eBay auctions, but also eBay Adverts (Annunci)
More eBay Scams & Deceptions
Copyright Notice & Policy

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Benedetto Pistrucci's Famous Saint George & Dragon Design On Reverse of 1964 Sovereign

1964 Sovereign

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