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Gold Sovereign Mints & Monarchs 8 Coin Collection

We offer for sale complete mintmark collections of British sovereigns. A detailed account of the 7 mints including the 6 branch mints can be found on our Mints & Mintmark page.
The following sets contain one each of the mintmarks issued in the reign. George V is the only monarch for whom all 7 mints and mintmarks were issued.

According to the Royal Mint's Website:

This superb collection comprises one of each of the coins struck at the Royal Mint at Tower Hill in London and at Llantrisant in South Wales as well as each of the branch mints at Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Bombay, Ottawa and Pretoria.
Containing eight fabulous gold sovereigns three from the reign of Victoria, one from the reign of Edward VII three from the reign of George V and one from the current monarch Queen Elizabeth II.
Handsomely presented in a specially designed case the coins are all 22 carat gold selected from the original issues to be of 'very fine' quality or better are accompanied by a free booklet with an incorporated Certificate of Authenticity attesting to their quality and low issue limit of only 750 collections available worldwide.
  • Contains eight sovereigns all struck in 22 carat gold
  • Selected to be of 'very fine' quality or better
  • Housed in a luxurious presentation case
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Only 750 of these collections will ever be made available worldwide

Price & Availability
Please contact us prior to ordering for current prices and availability. All prices include our attractive and exclusive case.
DescriptionQtyGradeAvailabilityPrice £Price $Price €
One Sovereign of Each Mint including Llantrisant8VF to UncYes£2,125$3,185€2,550

Key to Table
Qty = Number of coins in set.

Save £400! *
The Royal Mint, not content with its monopoly in producing new sovereigns, has for some years now been buying mintmark and other sets of sovereigns from the numismatic trade, and marketing them to its "Coin Club" members (customers) at poor value prices. Sadly because most of its customers are not coin collectors, but ordinary members of the public who, for some reason, appear to trust the Royal Mint.
As we wrote this (December 2007), the price of the same set was £1,245 and the Royal Mint's latest price on its Gold Sovereign Mints & Monarchs 8 Coin Collection was £1645! Where appropriate, we may replace the original sovereigns with higher grade ones.

*Relevant Dates & Other Information
This page was first created in or around 2006. As it is no longer a simple matter for us to determine our original publication date of text on this page, in order to ensure our comments are considered in their historical context, we note the following, and will add any more data as it becomes available:

  • All price comparisons were correct at the time of writing.
  • The copyright date on the certificate is 2006.
  • At or shortly after the Royal Mint set shown was priced at 1,645 our own similar set was only 1,245.
  • We have a screenshot of the Royal Mint's website showing its price as 1,645 as at 14th December 2007.
  • The Royal Mint may not be offering any similar sets currently.

Government Wealth Warning
We wonder if some of the Royal Mint's offerings should come with a "Government Wealth Warning".

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Mints & Monarchs Gold Sovereign Collection in Royal Mint Wooden Box
Mints & Monarchs Gold Sovereign Collection in Royal Mint Wooden Box

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Royal Mint's Offer
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