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Philatelic Numismatic Covers PNC

Coins & Stamps
Some years ago many of the world's mints responsible for striking coins got together with post offices, responsible for issuing stamps, and started producing combined packs of stamps and coins in what are usually called "Philatelic Numismatic Covers" or P.N.C. for short. These packs combine a first day cover set of stamps with a sovereign.

DescriptionEdition LimitAvailable
1900 Sovereign - The Queen Mother2,500No
1900 Sovereign - A Century of the Monarchy2,500No
1914 Sovereign - World War I Remembered300No
1926 Sovereign - 75th Birthday Tribute500No
1958 Sovereign - Royal Golden Wedding2,000No
1964 Sovereign - Royal Wedding500No
1966 Sovereign - World Cup Winners2,500No
1981 Sovereign - Diana, Princess of Wales2,500No
1997 Golden Anniversary (1966 Sovereign)  No
2000 Sovereign - Millennium No
2000 Sovereign - The Queen Mother2,000 No
2001 Sovereign - Queen Victoria500 No
2001 Sovereign - Diana, 40th Anniversary500No
2001 Sovereign - The Queen Mother, 101st Birthday500No
2002 Sovereign - The Queen's Golden Jubilee1,000No
2002 Half Sovereign - The Queen's Golden Jubilee No
2003 Sovereign - The Queen's Coronation Jubilee1,500No
2006 Sovereign - St. George & the Dragon500No
2006 Sovereign - Queen's 80th Birthday450No
2007 Sovereign - Diamond Wedding Anniversary450No
2011 Sovereign - Queen Elizabeth II 85th Birthday No

1900 Sovereign Century of the Monarchy - First Day Cover
1900 Sovereign Century of the Monarchy - First Day Cover

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