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Prices of Sovereigns Vary Gold Bullion

Sovereign Prices on Our Website
The price of most sovereigns fluctuates depending on the underlying price of gold bullion. This affects lower priced coins more sharply than higher priced rarities or proof coins.
Although we make edits and updates to our web sites and pages on a daily basis, with over 10,000 web pages on over 10 specialised sites, it is not always possible for us to keep absolutely up to date.
We are at the same time constantly expanding our websites, with more and better photographs, more pages, more description, and well, just more of everything. Over 10 years of web presence and still going...
For particular dates and better grade, collectable sovereigns, we try to absorb minor price changes, but...

Prices Subject to Fluctuation
From the above, it follows that all prices quoted on our site must be considered to be subject to change without notice.
Availability of individual items also changes. While we often manage to update these on the same day, at other times we do not, and this can lead to multiple items waiting for a major editing session.
It may be ambitious for us to attempt such a large online catalogue, but some of our pages contain over 100 products, and with over 10,000 pages, your guess of how many products we stock will be as good as ours!

Changes in Process
When we need to change a small number of prices, it's a fairly quick straightforward job, but changing a large number of prices because of bullion market fluctuations is a much bigger job. Because of this, we use a batch process to alter many prices at one time. This process is not perfect, as it inevitably changes a small number of prices incorrectly, we then need to check and correct errors, which can take a few days or longer. If you see prices marked "£*" or "*£", it means we have recently carried out a bulk price change, and are in process of checking and correcting errors. You can still order at the prices shown, and we will contact you if there is any problem, or you can telephone us to check first, whichever you prefer.

US Dollar and Euro Prices
We show some of our prices in U.S. Dollars, and others also in Euros. These prices are always subject to foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations, and although we try to update them, it is best not to rely on their accuracy, but to check current pricing with us by telephone. Our normal method of calculating them is to use spot forex prices then add approximately 1% to contribute towards the extra costs and risks of the foreign exchange markets, and of banking non-sterling checks. This rate will be far more competitive than most individuals or companies will get from their own banks.

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