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George V Sovereigns Collection - All 7 Mintmarks by The Royal Mint
Although we make up our our superior quality British gold sovereign mintmark sets, we also buy and sell various 'collections' marketed originally by the Royal Mint, including their George V Sovereigns Collection of all seven different mints and mintmarks.
The Royal Mint also market sovereign mintmark sets. Their "Sovereign Mintmark Collection" states that the sovereigns in the collection are all George V, so it appears to be near-identical to their "George V Sovereigns Collection", except for some minor details such as the box lid, the cover of the certificate and booklet, but the coins themselves are no different.

Issue Limits
In one sense, any issue limit decided for these sets is rather arbitrary, as it would be possible to collate many thousands of such sets, but we notice from the certificates accompanying the "Sovereign Mintmark Collections" that "Only 958 Sovereign Mintmark Collections have been assembled by the Royal Mint". Actually, this is not an issue limit, as it does not exclude the possibility that more would be assembled at a later date, for example immediately after they sold out of the first tranch. This seems to be the case, as the "George V Sovereign Mintmark 7 - Coin Collection" is also subject to some stipulated maximum figure, over and above the 958 "Sovereign Mintmark Collections".
In addition, there exist "Mints & Monarchs Gold Sovereign Collections", containing 8 sovereigns, with "A maximum of 750 collections will be assembled by the Royal Mint", the "Three Monarchs Sovereign Mintmark Sets" must have further extended the product life.

Mintmarks Sets
We offer for sale complete mintmark collections of British sovereigns. A detailed account of the 7 mints including the 6 branch mints can be found on our Mints & Mintmark page.
The following sets contain one each of the mintmarks issued in the reign. George V is the only monarch for whom all 7 mints and mintmarks were issued.

George V Mintmark Set - EF to Unc

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1 £2,625.00 Call to check availability
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George V Mintmark Set - EF

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1 £2,555.00 Click here to add this item to your cart
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George V Mintmark Set - VF to EF

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1 £2,450.00 Click here to add this item to your cart
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Royal Mint George V Mintmark Set - VF+

Quantity Premium % Surcharge Rate Buy
1 10.00 £200.00 £1,945.10 Click here to add this item to your cart
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Royal Mint Set = Complete with their booklet and certificate in their wooden box.

Save Over £500!
The Royal Mint, not content with its monopoly in producing new sovereigns, has for some years now been buying mintmark sets of sovereigns from the numismatic trade, and marketing them to its "Coin Club" members (customers) at prices which look surprisingly high to us. Sadly because most of its customers are not coin collectors, but ordinary members of the public who appear to trust the Royal Mint without question.
As we wrote this in or around 2007, the Royal Mint's latest price on its George V mintmark collection was £1,245! We should point out, in mitigation, that the Mint's collection does come in a quite impressive wooden box, with each coin in its own capsule, and with an informative booklet / certificate. At a pinch, the presentation might be worth as much as £50, but on the negative side, the quality of some of their coins is rather interesting. We have the advantage of having seen a number of the Royal Mint's sets, so we know their typical grades. Some of their coins would not even make it into our lowest grade / price. Otherwise their sets are closest to our lowest graded set.
Even our most expensive set is £350 less than the Royal Mint's offering. Perhaps we should have increased our prices, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to charging similarly high prices.

Superior Quality
The certificate accompanying the Royal Mint's sets states that the grade of the coins will be "Very Fine or better". Our lowest graded set is VF (Very Fine) to EF (Extremely Fine), so the coins in all our sets tend to be superior to those from the Royal Mint.

According to the Royal Mint:

At the beginning of the reign of George V the sovereign was still an integral part of daily life, changing hands frequently in a vibrant economy. The First World War changed all that and within days of its outbreak in August 1914 the government was urging the public to give up its gold coins. Although sovereigns were still struck overseas, if effectively meant the end of the sovereign as a coin in everyday use and thus the gold sovereigns of George V, struck at the Royal Mint in London and in several branches overseas, were the last sovereigns to be issued for general circulation. This splendid collection comprises seven gold sovereigns struck in the reign of George V - one from each of the Royal Mint branches at Bombay, Ottawa, Pretoria, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, all bearing the King's effigy and each carrying a mintmark peculiar to its city or country of origin together with one struck at the Royal Mint in London. * Presented in a wooden case, with an emblazoned brass plaque * Accompanied by numbered Certificates of Authenticity * The obverse of the coins features the commanding portrait of George V by Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal RA * Benedetto Pistrucci's classic St George and the dragon graces the reverse of each sovereign * * A Free pocketsize magnifying glass with every collection * A Free booklet which charts the proud and distinguished history of the Royal Mint accompanies each collection. * An issue limit of just 1,000 has been set

*Relevant Dates & Other Information
This page was first created in or around 2007. As it is no longer a simple matter for us to determine our original publication date of text on this page, in order to ensure our comments are considered in their historical context, we note the following, and will add any more data as it becomes available:

  • All price comparisons were correct at the time of writing.
  • The copyright date on the certificate is 2006.
  • Our mintmark sets are all of George V sovereigns, so they are directly comparable with the Royal Mint's sets.
  • At or shortly after the Royal Mint set shown was priced at 1,245 our own similar set was only 895.
  • We have a screenshot of the Royal Mint's website showing its price as 1,245 as at 4th December 2007.
  • The Royal Mint may not be offering any similar sets currently.

Government Wealth Warning
We wonder if some modern issue coin offerings should come with a "Government Wealth Warning".

Mintmark Sets - Our Own Superior Quality Sets

The Royal Mint's George V Sovereigns Mintmark Collection
The Royal Mint's George V Sovereigns Mintmark Collection

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