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1922 Gold Sovereigns
We keep 1922 sovereigns in stock for immediate delivery. We try to maintain a stock of all dates of gold sovereigns, because 1922 is one of the more difficult dates of George V, we make an extra effort to ensure that we have some in stock. It will be in particular demand during 2012 for 90th birthday gifts.

The Last Sovereigns
Not every date exists for gold sovereigns. The London mint stopped producing sovereigns after 1916, although a few 1917s were issued. From 1917, only the branch mints continued to issue sovereigns, and by 1922 only the three Australian mints in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth were issuing them. The Pretoria mint in South Africa did not come into production until 1923.

Perth Mint, Australia
The Perth Mint issued 2,298,000 sovereigns in 1922, Melbourne 608,000, and Sydney 578,000. Many of these will have been melted down.

Low Mintage
The mintage figure for 1922 was quite low, compared with over 30 million in some years.

1922 Sovereigns Mintage
COttawa, CanadaNone
MMelbourne, Australia608,000
PPerth, Australia2,298,000
SSydney, Australia578,000

The following list of sovereigns is for coins in stock as at our last update of this page.
It is best to check prices and availability before ordering or give alternatives.
The US $ prices in the this table may be out of date due to currency fluctuations.

DateMintGradeStockPrice £Price $
1922PAbout UncYes£385$615
1922PgVFYes£295 $436

Beware of Fakes!
If you are buying from us, you will have no problem as all our coins are guaranteed genuine. Do be careful if you are buying privately, or from an unknown source. There are counterfeit sovereigns about. Fortunately some are easy to spot such as the 1922 London Mint sovereign we illustrate at the bottom right of this page. No sovereigns were produced or issued from the Royal Mint in London in 1922, so spotting it should be idiot-proof. Take a look to see if you could tell the difference, ignore the colour difference, it's only a difference in the photographic processing. It's the sort of obvious forgery that we can spot from about 6 feet away.
You could always look at our Forgeries page.

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Reverse of 1922 Perth Mint Sovereign
Reverse of 1922 Perth Mint Sovereign

George V Sovereigns

Obverse of George V First Type Gold Sovereign
Obverse of George V First Type Gold Sovereign

Detail Showing Date and P Mintmark
Detail Showing Date and P Mintmark

Counterfeit 1922 Sovereign
Beware of Fakes!
Counterfeit 1922 Sovereign

Close - Up of Date - Counterfeit 1922 Sovereign - London Mint!
Close - Up of Date - Counterfeit 1922 Sovereign - London Mint!

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